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Traditional Herbs for Breastfeeding Mother

What Is A Good Herbal Medicine for Breastfeeding mother?

Breast milk is one of the main sources nutritions for newborns up to 6 months of age. Breast milk is produced directly by the mother's breast glands for newborns to consume. In general, breast milk is one of the main sources of nutrition for infants who can not been able to digest various types of solid foods. Breastfeeding on the baby at the age of the first 2 years is very important because the first breast milk has a lot of good substances to grow the baby and also the baby's body defense against various diseases.
Research also proves that exclusive breastfeeding is best consumed by infants aged 0 to 6 months compared with formula milk consumption. Newborns are often experiencing problems with nutritional and nutritional needs, therefore, newborns may only consume mother's breast milk alone. Therefore, all the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed for growth of the baby depends only on the content of breast milk alone. Therefore, a breastfeeding mother should be careful in consuming various types of foods or medicines, because what mothers consumption that will be consumed by your baby. When breastfeeding mother consuming healthy foods then the breast milk will be more abundant and smooth.

Although breast milk is very important for the baby, but there are some parents who can not produce enough breastmilk. This is indeed one of the very serious issues that must be addressed immediately. Because if not handled, it will likely affect the intake of nutrition, health and also the growth of your baby. Well, if you experience this, then do not need to be confused because you can make some herbs made from natural ingredients that are very easy for you to get around your house. Here is some excellent herbal medicinal herbs for the mother who is breastfeeding her baby.

Traditional Herbs for Breastfeeding Mother 1

Materials needed:
  • Java Ginger 1 seeds the size of an adult hand fist
  • Sambiloto leaf 1 handful
  • Lemongrass 1 bar
  • Black Turmeric 1 finger hand
  • Turmeric 1 finger hand
  • Cinnamon 1 finger hand
  • 8 cups water
How to make potions:
  1. Peeling of Java Ginger, Black Turmeric, Turmeric and then washed thoroughly. 
  2. Afterwards, slice the ingredients thinly. 
  3. Then boil it with other ingredients into 8 glasses of water until it remaining 6 glasses of water.
  4. Let it cooling until it warm.
How to use the potion:
Consume this herbal potion 2-3 times a day morning and afternoon as much as 3 to 4 glasses.

Traditional Herbs for Breastfeeding Mother 2

Materials needed :
  • Leaves katuk to taste
  • Corn seed sufficiently
How to make potions:
  1. Wash the materials that have been provided to clean
  2. Then all the ingredients can be combined in one container to make vegetables as your menu
How to use the ingredients:
Only eat this menu every day until your breast milk comes out smoothly
Warning about potions:
During the breastfeeding process, the mother should maintain personal hygiene before breastfeeding the baby. Avoid this potion if it stale.
Suggestions on potions:
So that the milk that comes out a lot and smoothly it's good you consume vegetable food menu such as young corn, spinach leaves and katuk leaves as daily vegetables.

Traditional Herbs for Breastfeeding Mother 3

Materials needed :
  • Turmeric to taste
  • Onions to taste
How to make potions:
  1. Wash turmeric and onion until clean and peel off the skin
  2. Then the onion and turmeric can be cooked by steaming
How to use the potion:
The results of steamed onion and turmeric can consumed as side dish. We recommend that you consume this potion together with another food menu until the milk comes out smoothly.

Traditional Herbs Traditional Herbal Remedy 4

Materials needed:
  • Papaya leaves to taste
  • 5 tamarind fruit
  • Palm sugar to taste
How to make potions:
  1. Papaya leaves washed until clean and boiled in water until it boiling.
  2. Afterwards enter the 5 tamarind fruit and palm sugar to taste
  3. Once boiled then you can cool for a while
How to use the potion:
Consume boiled water from papaya leaves, sour fruit and palm sugar is sufficient
To get maximum results you should consume this ASI once a day.


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