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Herbal Remedy to Treat Bladder Stone Naturally

Bladder stones or commonly known as kidney stones is one of the health disorders that usually interfere with the bladder channel. Scientists have found evidence that the disease has existed since 7000 years ago. Kidney stones are formed when changes occur in the normal balance of water, salt, minerals, and anything else found in urine.
Here are the recipes of some natural herbal ingredients that serve as a medicine to treat bladder stones,:

1. Young Corn Fruit and Cat's whiskers

- Prepare 100 grams of young corn fruit, 200 gr cat's whiskers leaves, 150 gr mulberry and 100 gr meniran leaves.
- Clean all the ingredients first, then boil all the ingredients, after cooking strain the potion and drink the water. Take 1 cup per day.

2. Gempur leaves

- Prepare finely ground Gempur leaves (Ruellia napifera) or powdered gempur as much as 25 gr, 50 gr leaves spoon, 25 gr posor leaves (graptopylium). Then boil the whole ingredients in boiling water, then strain and drink when cold. Do this recipe every day. Taken 1 day 1 cup.

3. Coconut and chicken egg

- Prepare 1 young green coconut and 1 chicken egg. Then make a hole at the top of the coconut fruit, then put the contents of chicken eggs into the coconut fruit. Then beat the chicken eggs in the coconut to mix with coconut water.
- After it well mixed,  drink this herb. Use this herb every day at least once a day so that the stones that are disbursed urine become destroyed.

4. Cat whiskers

- 20 sheets of cat whiskers, wash and then mash the leaves until smooth, give a bit by bit water, then squeeze and take the juice up to 1/2 cup. Drink the concoction 1/2 cup every morning for 1 week.

5. Strobilanthes crispa

- Prepare 25 kaca beling (Strobilanthes crispa) leaves that has been smooth, 25 gr leaves, 25 gr leaves of cat whiskers and 25 gr meniran leaves and roots.
- Wash clean, boil all the ingredients then strain and drink the water. Use this recipe for 5 consecutive days, then give it a pause or pause for 3-4 days, then repeat this recipe the first way.

6. Papaya Leaves

- First day, 3 pieces of fresh papaya leaves boil it with enough water, then drink it 1 cup at a time.
- Second day, 5 pieces of fresh papaya leaves boil it with enough water, then drink 1 cup at a time.
- Third Day, 7 pieces of fresh papaya leaves boiled with enough water, drink it 1 cup at a time.
- To finish it plus by drinking young coconut water,
Note: those with hypertension should not take this prescription.

7.  Orange jessamine leaves

- Wash 30 g fresh Orange jessamine leaves, then juice in 150 ml of water. Filter the juice, then drink once a day.


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