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Turkey Berry Benefits for Healthy

Turkey Berry. Credit: Forest & Kim Starr via Wikimedia Commons
This plant is a small shrub, grow upright and 1-3 m high. The round and branched stalks and the prick are sticking rough and smooth-haired. Single leaf lies berelingun, oval-shaped width with a length of 5-25 cm and 3-20 cm wide, edges tapered edge pinnate pinnate light green. The stem of the leaves is densely hairy with some spikes attached. The flowers are compounded with a star-shaped crown, white in color; Flowers usually come out of the leaf's armpit or from the tip of the stem. Shaped green round and when cooked yellow orange slightly brownish, slippery.
A plant of the moist tropics, where it is found at elevations up to 1,600 meters. It grows best in areas where annual daytime temperatures are within the range 17 - 29 ° c, but can tolerate 12 - 35 ° c. It prefers a mean annual rainfall in the range 1,000 - 2,000mm, but tolerates 700 - 4,200mm. Heavy rainfall discourages fruit set. Succeeds in full sun and in…

Best Methodes and Processing of Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Health Coconut oil is an oil obtained from copra (coconut dried fruit flesh) or from the juice of coconut milk. Oil content in the old coconut meat is estimated to reach 30% -35%, while oil content in copra reached 63-72%. Coconut oil as other vegetable oils, contains triglyceride compounds. Composed of various fatty acids and 90% of them are saturated fatty acids. For Coconut oil that has not been purified as well, it contains small amounts of non-fat components such as phosphatides, gums, Sterols (0.06-0.08%), tocopherol (0.003%), free fatty acids (<5%) and a Little protein and carotene. Sterols serve as stabilizers in oil and tocopherol is an antioxidants. 
Coconut Oil (Credit: Phu Thinh Co via Wikimedia Commons)
Coconut oil is rich in medium chain fatty acids (C8 - C14), especially lauric acid and meristat acid.The existence of this medium chain fatty acid (medium chain fat) is relatively high, making the  coconut oil has several properties that can …

Coconut Water and Coconut Oil for Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment A healthy, beautiful, strong, and radiant hair all day long is everyone's dream. It can also boost confidence as well as positive judgment when first meeting someone. However, it is not always we can maintain our hair in order to always be healthy and beautiful in everyday life that filled with various activities. For those who often intersect with open air, sunlight and pollution can make the hair becomes dull. When the hair has pengery, painting or blow dry and re-bonding, this can lead to hair broken and fall out. If you have this, you may be frowning in the mirror. Because when all the clothes look perfect, there is a feeling of prop in the heart. Your hair turns out not to be in tune with what you want.

Coconut Oil (Credit: Phu Thinh Co via Wikimedia Commons) Benefits of coconut oil for hair Coconut Water for dandruff Nature actually offers an abundance of wealth to overcome the hair problems experienced by millions of people around the world. One of them can b…

Natural Treatment for Labyrinthitis/Otitis Interna

Natural Treatment for Otitis Interna Otitis interna, also known as labyrinthitis, is an inner ear inflammation as a result of an infection. Ear infections are common when its affect the outer or middle ear, but  when an infection of the inner ear occurs, you should take an immediate treatment to prevent complications. The inner ear regulate some importante system of our body, this organ  consists of many structures for maintaining balance and supporting the hearing system, so an infection in this part of the ear can disrupt both functions.

Otitis interna affects the labyrinth part of the inner ear, which is a small bony canal in the skull. It is filled with fluid and membranes, and its canals and vestibule are referred to as the vestibule system.

The expert wasn't clear what causes Otitis interna or labyrinthitis. It once was thought to be a result of viral infection, but less than half the time is this the case. It almost always goes away on its own without treatment. But in som…

10 Benefits of Noni Fruit as Natural Herbal Treatment

Noni Fruit
Some people call Noni fruit as Hawaii magic plant, scientifically, noni fruit name is Morinda citrifolia. Noni fruit plant is a tropical plant that can grow up to 3-8 m high. This herbal plant can be found is borneo tropica rainforest. The leaves are arranged face to length 20-40 cm and width 7-15 cm, while the Flower are small and white. Fruit is green shiny and become whiten when its mature. The fruit has many seeds in the flash, small in size. Benefits and properties:
Noni fruits can be eaten with a slightly rough taste used to treat influenza, cough, stomach, fever. The leaves are yellowish whitish full sour taste can be used to reduce hypertension / high blood. Noni fruit is efficacious cure coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes (diabetes). Ripe fruit and leaves can be used for the treatment of removing the scales / dotted on the feet.
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Noni Chemical Content: Morinda diol, morindone, m…

21 Herbal Remedy for Acne Treatment

Everything about acne today will indeed cause the psychological impact on everyone because it will lower their confidence. Well, maybe we've done various ways to prevent acne, but because there are so many causes that can triggering acne, it is very difficult to prevent it. If acne is already adorn the skin, then it takes a way to overcome them. Acne treatment with herbal ingredients is certainly a solution that you should do considering herbal ingredients are very easy to find, easy to apply, and most importantly safe for the skin and does not cause harmful side effects (except for some people who has specific allergy). Well, what are some herbal ingredients to get rid of acne quickly? In this article you will get the information.
The Cause of Acne Before you know a variety of herbal remedies to get rid of acne, it's good if you first find out the various causes of acne. Here are some of the main factors that cause acne.
Bacteria. The main factors causing acne can be bacteria.…

Tongkat Ali: Asian Amazing Herbs and Natural Viagra

The Amazing Tongkat Ali Gynecology and Benefits Asian men are familiar with this herbal plant, you can call it as Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia). In Indonesia, we call it as Pasak Bumi (Earth Stake).  In Indonesia, Pasak Bumi thrives in the interior of Borneo tropical rainforest which has also been known and used by the Dayak community. Since long ago, Dayaknese in Borneo use this herbal plant as a disease treatment. For mature male, Tongkat Ali actually has efficacy for health, especially to increase the passion, vitality and testosteron level.

Recently, Tongkat Ali turned out to have a lot of scientifically researched where the various properties that exist in it. Pasak Bumi has some chemical compound that is very beneficial for our healthy, below is some of the Tongkat Ali chemical compounds:
1. Enthanolic active compound Tongkat Ali has enthanolic substances that are able to produce the amount of male hormone (testosterone) to be more, dense and healthier.
2. Brusin and Strich…