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15 Disease to Treat With Reed Grass as Natural Herbal Medicine

alang-alang imperata grass natural herbal medicine
Imperata Plant

In agricultural areas, Farmers usually categorized reed as weed because it can hamper the growth of plants they are cultivating. Sometimes weeds grow more fertile than plants that grown by farmers but actually the existence of Imperata is able to avoid soil damage such as erosion, Interwoven root rhizomes that develop in the soil are able to hold water during the rainy season. Other than environmental benefits, these plants actually store various benefits for human healthy as a natural herbal medicine. In instant beverage industry, some company use this plant extract as a composite for thirst-releasing beverages, seeing from this angle, we can say that this plant can provide economic benefits.

Physiological Plant of Imperata

Imperata grass is usually found in an open area which directly get the the sun shine. Imperata grass clumps is often burned by farmers when they start to planting their cultivated plant, but actually this action will not kill the grass because the roots can still regrow new plants. The growth of Imperata grasses is relatively rapid due to simple vegetative and generative cultivation.
Reed grass contain natural chemical elements such as glucose, mannitol, citric acid, malic acid, arundoin, coixol, fernerol, cylindrin, anemonin, simiarenol, esin, saponin, alkali, polyphenols and tanninine. With its natural chemical compound, Reed grass can provide benefits to our healthy.

Traditional Natural Medicine With Reed Grass

Various chemical content in the reeds produces a cool feeling as we can get from cucumber or watermelon. Reed grass chemical compounds form a kind of antipyretic that can reduce heat. In addition it has diuretic properties that shed urine and can relieve thirst. The natural cooling effect of the ingredients makes the reeds made into instant drink to chill the body heat.
Reed plants rich in various substances, including imperanene and graminone B, based on research both substances have benefits far beyond our estimates so far. Imperanene itself can effectively inhibit blood cell clotting. So for those who have a disease associated with a heart attack can consume them regularly. While graminone B itself can effectively prevent the narrowing of the aortic vessels in the heart. In addition to beneficial to heart health, following is how you can use reed as a natural herbal remedies:

1. Unsmooth urinate

Unsmooth urination is a common health problems experienced by the public these days. This problem usually causes pain in the pubic area. One way to overcome is easy to use reed mixed with rock sugar, brew and chill, drink regularly.
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2. Overcoming bladder stones

This one disease occurs because there is calcium deposits in the bladder, this causes the urination becomes unsmooth and usually accompanied by a sense of pain. To cure it, boil the roots of reed, meniran leaves and also cat whiskers, leave it to cool then drink. This 3 ingredients are very efficacious to crush the rock sediment in the bladder, later the destructed bladder stone will be carried by urine.
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3. Overcoming hypertension or high blood pressure

One of the causes of high blood pressure is fatty deposits and cholesterol that inhibits the blood flow in our body, but do not worry because the consumption of weeds grass extract regularly is an effective way to overcome the problem. The trick, prepare 200 roots of reed, tangkue (candied made from white pumpkin), boiled with 2 cups of water until the water is half, chill, filter and drink 2 times a day.
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4. Pneumonia

Lungs is a vital organs for humans because of its function for breathing, but these organs are also very susceptible to many kind of problems. One of which is inflammation, sometime it would require a very expensive charge treatment, but not Need to worry because you can handle it by yourself using Imperata.
Provide 500 grams of roots of reed, 10 dried jasmine flowers, 5 sembung leaf, and a little salt. Boil all ingredients together with 3 cups of water until the water shrinks half, then strain. Drink this potion for 2 times usage, in the morning and afternoon.

5. Treating asthma

Not much different from the lung problem, asthma is also happening in respiratory system. To overcome boil 100 grams of roots of reed, added 50 grams of galangal and 50 grams of betel, brewed using 200 ml of water let to stay half and strain and drink regularly.

6. Treating vaginal discharge

Problems such as leucorrhoea are common to women, this problem can be very dangerous if you let it continuously. You can overcome the disease using Imperata, simply by boiling the roots of reed, plus papaya leaves and pulasari, drinking boiled water 2 times a day in the morning and evening.

7. Nosebleeds, hepatitis

Nosebleeds are a term for the release of blood from the nostrils. Lots of traditional medicine that can be used to overcome them. One of them is the roots of the reed plants. Way, take 200 grams of roots of reed then washed, boiled with 6 cups water until the water only 2 cups. Chill, strain the water to drink 3 times a day. The herb can also be used to treat hepatitis.

8. Prostate

Prostate problems are experienced by many elderly men, over 60 years. If you have a family that has prostate cancer, the risk of getting affected is greater. Therefore, take precautions by consuming healthy foods and diligent exercise. For traditional medicine, take 500 grams of reed roots alang-alang with 6 glasses of water until the water is half. Cool the water and drink 3 times a day.
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9. Treating diarrhea

Another benefit of Imperata is to treat diarrhea in children and adults. How to make the potion, 250 grams of root of reed washed, then boiled with 2 glasses of water for 15 minutes. Strain the water, then drink it. Once drink 1 glass, immediately after defecation.

10. Treating fever and bloody urine

Besides beneficial as peluruh urine, other properties of the roots of this reed plant is to treat fever due to bloody urine. The trick, 1 tablespoon full of reed rhizome, boiled with a few pieces of tang kwe (half-cooked bacon beef made with dried candied) in two glasses until the water is half. Drinking water is drunk as much as 2 glasses 1 day. Urine will be normal and body temperature will go down.

11. Treating vomiting blood

In addition to stopping the nosebleeds, reed roots also serves as a remedy for vomiting blood. Way, take 60 grams of plant roots of reed then washed and cut into pieces. Boil the roots of the reed with 2000 cc of water until the remaining 1200 cc. Filter the water, then drink 3 times a day. Add a little rock sugar to taste better.
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12. Relieves dehydration

Imperata can be used to relieve dehydration. This benefit can be obtained by taking some root of alang-alang.
How to make the potion:
Wash the root of Imperata, Dry it in the sun light  or oven, When it is dried mashed the root tuber until it becomes powder. Imperata root powder can be brewed with hot water, add honey as a flavor.

13. Treating Diabetes

Diabetes is one health disorder that is quite torturous for the sufferer. Therefore, immediate efforts should be made to treat diabetes. You can use weed as an alternative to treat diabetes, here is how to make the potion:
Prepare 100 grams of fresh alang-alang root, wash and cut into small pieces. Boil pieces of roots of reed with 2 glasses of water. Boiled until it remaining half of water. Chill and strain to separate the water from the dregs. Drink this potion 2 times a day on a regular basis.
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14. Treating nosebleeds

Generally people use betel as a natural remedy for nosebleed, but actually we can use weeds roots. How to make the potion:
Prepare some fresh reed roots, wash  it and make sure there is no dirt remaining. Smash the fresh roots and then squeeze it to get the juice, collect the juice approximately 100 cc, and drink.

15. Benefits of Weeds Flower

Not only the roots, weeds flowers also can relieve symptoms of nosebleeds and cough bleeding due to lung disease. To get the benefit, use weeds as an external treatment cure.
How to make the potion:
Take flower bilir complete with flower stalk. Blend the flower and flower buds of the reed and then milled until smooth soft. After finely insert the results of the mill into the nose to clog or stop the nosebleed. As for treatment from the inside, you drink boiled water roots and flowers of reed.

In addition to these 14 problems, there is many more health problems that can be overcome using Imperata. Imperata is natural herbs that easily and cheap to get and use but rich in various benefits. So, good luck at home.


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