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Cork Fish: Best healing foods to eat for surgery rehab

Many people assume that surgery is terrible and thrilling. How can it be, surgery is usually performed to a patient due to the presence of disease/serious injuries. The surgery consists of a large operation and light. Although surgery is the handling of a disease, the world community generally avoid doing it because of a worry with the possibility of the failure of the operation, or because of great pain afterwards, and some times it takes a long time for the patient to rehab. However, sometimes the operation became the inevitable road to heal someone from disease or serious injuries. If the operation is to be done, then that must be thought by the patient's family is how patient recovery.

 Cork fish is very rich albumin

There is some ways we can do to healing for patients post-surgical care, including by maintaining nutrition intake. There are some foods that become abstinence for post-operative patients and there are recommended food. Examples will be discussed in this article is the food that highly recommended for post-operative patients, namely Cork Fish (Chana striata). Cork Fish can be found in a water body, such as rivers, marshes, ditches and lakes, in Asia.
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cork fish is very rich albumin
Cork Fish (Chana striata). Credit: Kevin Poh

This fish is easy to live in waters that have not been contaminated by pesticides. Naturally Cork fish is a predator fish, they prey small fish, insects, the frog (tadpole), snails, worms and other types of aquatic animals. Fish Cork rated as species of fish with the highest protein content, that's one reason why this fish is very good for post-operative wound healing. Amazingly, Cork fish is very rich albumin, a type of protein that is important for the human body.

Albumin is needed by human body, especially in the process of wounds healing or rehab. Consumption of fish meat or protein extract of Cork Fish has proven to be improve the levels of albumin in the blood and helps to cure some diseases such as cancer, stroke, kidney failure, diabetes mellitus and post-surgery treatment.
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Cork Fish is also known to contain albumin, i.e. can reach about 100 g each 6.224 g fish meat. It is believed that the albumin plus mineral content of zinc (Zn) of 1.7412 mg/100 g fish meat in Cork associated with the process of wound surgery healing process. The popularity of Cork fish started expanding since there are some hospitals utilize  Cork fish as a source of albumin for patients with albumin deficiency (hipoalbumin), as well as for therapeutic treatment, speed healing of Burns, post-surgery wounds or ordinary injuries.
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In a study done by Prof. Nurpudji from Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia, giving 2 kg Cork fish meat every day to the post-surgery patients will improve their albumin to becomes normal. Consumption of cork fish extractduring the 10-14 days indicate an increase in albumin up to 0.6 to 0.8 g/dl. The mineral content of albumin plus zinc (Zn) in the Cork fish meat of 1.7412 mg/100 g of flesh is what helps the healing process of wounds faster.

Cork Fish extracts has been clinically tested on patients with post-surgical – low albumin levels (1.8 g/dl). At The General Hospital Dr. Syaiful Anwar Malang, East Java. Consumption of Cork Fish extract from 2 kg of fish per day increases to a normal level of albumin (3.5-5.5 g/dl) and his wounds healed during 8 days without side effects.
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Amazing benefit you can get from corkfish

Amazingly, the Cork fish has so many benefits for human other than speed up post-operative wound healing, among which are:
  • Increase the levels of Albumin for albumin deficiency patients while improving the immune system of the body or the body's Durability.
  • Speed up the process of wounds rehabilitation (Diabetes, Post-operative, Burns, moms post-birth)
  • Help the healing process in diseases: Hepatitis/cirrhosis, cancer, renal failure, Pulmonary Infections, TUBERCULOSIS, Tonsillitis, Nephrotic syndrome, Typus, Diabetes, bone fractures, Grastitis, HIV, ITP, Sepsis, Stroke and Thalassemia Minor.
  • Best supplements for PEOPLE LIVING with HIV (HIV/AIDS).
  • Help the healing process of the body organs like swelling Oedema (swelling in both feet), swollen stomach, and others.
  • As source of important protein for Malnutrition infants, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and elderly.
  • Healing therapy to help autistic children.
  • Help revitalize skin health to make it more healthy glow.
An awful lot is it? Tell us what do you think about this information.


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