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All You want to Know about Herpes and its Natural Herbal Remedies: A Lesson From Usher Herpes

A week ago, a 2012 bombshell lawsuit settlement revealed that Usher settled with an unnamed stylist after allegedly failing to reveal that he had herpes before engaging in unprotected sex with the woman — and now, new women are coming forward hoping the “Yeah!” singer makes it right. High power LA attorney Lisa Bloom took to Twitter to reveal that more women have sought her out for legal advice. The woman, in new legal docs filed as Jane Doe, says she was Frustrated when she got the results Saturday. The woman said she'd gone to get tested immediately after hearing reports Usher admitted in docs he has herpes simplex 2.
What is Herpes Simplex? Maybe some of you wondering what is herpes simplex which made Usher being sued?
Herpes Simplex is a disease caused by an infection by Herpes Simplex virus or also known as HSV. Herpes Simplex can appear in various parts of the body, most commonly it appear on the genitals or mouth.  The herpes simplex virus is a contagious virus that can be …

11 Benefits of Ti Plant For Health and Medication

Ti plant is already proven and widely used as a herbal medicine for various types of diseases. Ti plant Leaves is believed can cure cancer, hemorrhoids, bloody cough, and many others. Well, for those of you who want to know about ti plant benefits as natural medicinal plants especially its leaf andong function for health, this article is for you. We hope this can be helpful and able to answer all questions you want to know about ti plant as natural herbal medicine.

Ti plant (Latin or scientific name: Cordyline fruticosa) is a monocoted plant. In Java, this plant is known as Seutan Andong and is often used for ornamental plants due to the shape and color of the leaves are quite interesting.

Another Interisting thing about Cordyline fruticosa is the color change to red when exposed to direct sunlight. Ti plant leaves is lanceolate with a with covered with reddish green color. But some certain types also have a leaf color that is so green. A cursory feature can see the attachment of the…

15 Disease to Treat With Reed Grass as Natural Herbal Medicine

In agricultural areas, Farmers usually categorized reed as weed because it can hamper the growth of plants they are cultivating. Sometimes weeds grow more fertile than plants that grown by farmers but actually the existence of Imperata is able to avoid soil damage such as erosion, Interwoven root rhizomes that develop in the soil are able to hold water during the rainy season. Other than environmental benefits, these plants actually store various benefits for human healthy as a natural herbal medicine. In instant beverage industry, some company use this plant extract as a composite for thirst-releasing beverages, seeing from this angle, we can say that this plant can provide economic benefits.
Physiological Plant of Imperata Imperata grass is usually found in an open area which directly get the the sun shine. Imperata grass clumps is often burned by farmers when they start to planting their cultivated plant, but actually this action will not kill the grass because the roots can still…

Turmeric: Amazing spice in that can Prevent Cancer and Other Disease

Turmeric is a very popular spice used in cooking and providing flavor and taste to many kind of recipes. Turmeric has long been used as a traditional natural herbal medicine because of its known therapeutic properties. There are numerous research conducted to confirm its healing properties. Turmeric herb can be grown throughout the year. It grows up to a height of 5-6 feet and mostly found in tropical regions of southern Asia. Turmeric has a strong scent and a bitter to sharp taste. India is known is well known as  producer of turmeric and it is utilized in every Indian home as the primary spice in curry.
"Raw is most beneficial Natalie Kling, a Los Angeles-based nutritionist, says she first learned about the benefits associated with turmeric while getting her degree from the Natural Healing Institute of Neuropathy. "As an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic, it's a very powerful plant" she said.
Kling  suggests it to clients for joint pain and says that …

11 Simple Way to Boost Your Testosteron Level Naturally

Testosterone is an anabolic-androgenic steroid hormone produced  mainly by the testicles in mature males, mature female  also has this hormone, but lesser in quantities than men. Female produce this hormon in ovaries. A minor amount of this hormon is also produced in the adrenal glands in both. Testosterone production is controlled by hormones released from the brain. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland positioned in the brain produce hormonal signals that ultimately lead to the production of testosterone. Hypogonadism is a disease where the body is unable to produce normal levels of testosterone due to an issue with the testicles or with the pituitary gland that regulates the testicles.

Today, average men have testosterone levels 15-50% less than males 50 years ago.
Testosterone peaks during adolescence and early adulthood. As you get older, your testosterone production level slowly declines about 1 percent each year after the age of 30. Lower levels of testosterone production in me…

Amazing Natural Oil From Tropical Rain Forest for Your Beautiful Skin

When visiting Borneo Tropical Rainforest, precisely in Kapuas Hulu District and Bengkayang Regency, West Kalimantan, we will easily find tengkawang fruit. Particularly around the headwaters of the Kapuas River. Tengkawang (Borneo Illipe Nut) is the mascot of West Kalimantan. This plant is belonging to the clan of Shorea, the Dipterocarpaceae Family. Some Dayak tribes in Kalimantan have different names for this tropical rainforest herbs, eg Engkabang (Dayak Iban), Angkabatan (Dayak Kanayatan), or Kawang and Kokawang (Dayak Kenyah).

Ecologically, tengkawang has a very important function in tropical rain forests of Kalimantan and Sumatra. In its habitat, Tengkawang can be a plant that supports the existence of other plants and fruits into various types of animal food. Hydrologically, tengkawang becomes one of the run-off controlling element in the forest area as an erosion barrier, since generally tengkawang grows on the banks of the river to facilitate its spread.
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This Herb Ju…

7 Tropical Herbs for Cancer Treatment

There are so many herbal plants in this world, the plants are able to cure diseases from mild to heavy, even some of herbal plants are belived can cure cancer. For those of you who are seeking the best cancer treatment, here is a list of tropical plants that are used as a cancer rehabilitation, here's how to use it:
1. Tapak Dara/Rosy periwinkle/Teresita
Rosy periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) has the property that can cure and prevent breast cancer. The results showed that the virgin footprint contained 2 vinca, vincristine and vinblastin alkaloids. Both of these compounds play an active role to inhibit the development of cancer cells in the body. So it does not necessarily damage other normal cells around the growth of cancer cells.
In Sumatra, the leaves of Rosy periwinkle is better known as alang grass. In addition to treating breast cancer, this leaf is also useful for the treatment of bronchial cancer and other malignant tumors.
How to consume it:
To make it quite easy, provide…

You don't Need Sildenafil, Just Use one of this 9 Herbal Viagra

Sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and mild arousal are commonly caused by stress and anxiety. As a quick solution some people consume some kind of drugs, like sildenafil or more popular under the name of Viagra or Revatio. But, you can't use sildenafil longer than you should since it can give some bad side effect.

Instead of using sildenafil, sexual disorders can be overcome with an orderly lifestyle and by taking natural herbal supplements or you can say a herbal viagra. Efficacy of the herbal plant that we will discuss below has started since long time ago by traditioanal tribe around the world. Although according to doctors there are no herbal supplements that are able to cure, some natural herbal plants is recommended to help and reduce sexual disorder.
Here it is 10 good herbs as a powerful medicine to help overcome sexual disorders:
1. Ginseng Ginseng is one of the most popular herbal supplements in the US, perhaps most well known for its …

32 Great Herbs to Get Healthy Hair

There are various herbs that you can eat with regard for your wellbeing. Some of these herbs may help you to prevent certain chronic conditions like diabetes, tumor or cardiovascular disease. However, there are varieties of natural herbs that deliver beauty benefits for you and revitalizing new hair growthis, you can read some of them  below.
1. Aloe vera Aloe vera is often used to moisturise our your ,hands, or other part of our body. This powerful herb is also used for minor burns and injuries and really should be grown in your garden. However, many people might not know that aloe vera is a natural weapon against hair thinning since it has anti-inflammatory properties, which not only prevent hair loss but also stimulate hair regrowth. Besides, aloe vera works as an all natural conditioner, fights frizz as well as nourishes your skin of the head very effectively.
Enzymes in aloe vera dissolve death skin cells and excessive sebum which can clog hair roots.  Aloe has salicylic acid, a…

This 7 Foods is the Best Diet to Prevent Diabetes

Nowadays diabetes in of the most common disease in the world. Experts said that diabetes related to modern lifestyles and the increase of world welfare.
Diabetes is a disease of blood sugar which until now can't   totally cured. Therefore, for those of you who have a family history of diabetes should do preventive action early on, one of them is by consuming 5 foods that can prevent diabetes as follows.
1. Ginger Ginger has benefits for the prevention of diabetes because ginger was able to increase insulin sensitivity in the body, insulin levels so high in the body that cause inflammation can be reduced.
2. Eggplant For those of you who love to consume Eggplant, when cooking  Eggplant, you should include also the Peel. Because the skin of the Eggplant contained anthocyanins which is an anti oxidant compounds that were useful for lowering the risk of diabetes.
3. Apples The Apples fibers were able to control sugar levels in the blood. An apple every day can keeps you away from the…

7 Traditional Diabetes Medicine Herbs Recipes

For those of you who suffered diabetes diagnosis, You often have to be stuck in a condition to continue consuming medical remedies, most likely to your whole life. The high dependence of diabetes drugs could actually be's choice, because after all there are of course the side effect that you will face.

For that we try to give you some recipes of herbal diabetes medicine. By adding some of this herbs in the diet treatment, it will help you hit the number of daily doses of medical drugs you should take per day. Which means it will also suppress the side effects that could threaten Your body condition.

A journal which published by the University of Michigan in 2006, revealed the existence of complaints regard the decline in kidney function in diabetics. The high levels of glucose in the blood often become a burden for the kidneys as part of the fluid management system in the body.
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Meanwhile, with the high intake of…

Cork Fish: Best healing foods to eat for surgery rehab

Many people assume that surgery is terrible and thrilling. How can it be, surgery is usually performed to a patient due to the presence of disease/serious injuries. The surgery consists of a large operation and light. Although surgery is the handling of a disease, the world community generally avoid doing it because of a worry with the possibility of the failure of the operation, or because of great pain afterwards, and some times it takes a long time for the patient to rehab. However, sometimes the operation became the inevitable road to heal someone from disease or serious injuries. If the operation is to be done, then that must be thought by the patient's family is how patient recovery.
 Cork fish is very rich albumin There is some ways we can do to healing for patients post-surgical care, including by maintaining nutrition intake. There are some foods that become abstinence for post-operative patients and there are recommended food. Examples will be discussed in this article is…