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Coffee could Fight Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

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Rosella - Great Source of Vitamin C

Rosella Petal. Image by Suresh Aru
The Rosella plant (Hibiscus sabdariffa), this plant belonging to the genus Hibiscus. This plant can grow up to 2-2.5 meters tall. Its red flower has been used widely for traditional medication. China and Thailand are the world's largest producens of rosella.

Rosella is rich in anthocyanin, and also protocatechuic acid. Dried petals flower are rich with variety of flavonoids, such as gosipetin, hibisetin, and sabdaretin. The main color substance of the plant, formerly known as hibisin, has now been recognized as dafnifilin. Rosela also contains delfinidin 3-monoglucoside compounds, cyanidin 3-monoglucoside (chrysanthenin), and delfinidin. Rosella is one of the best herbs that contain vitamin c.

Rosela is considered to have antihypertensive properties. This plant is used as a diuretic, medium laxative, heart and nervous diseases, and cancer. In East Africa, rosela petals boil water as a cough medicine.

Benefits and Efficacy of Rosella Flower
There a…

Pennywort - Healthy Brain Super Herbs

Pennywort Centella asiatica OriginCentella asiatica(CA) or Pennywort is a clonal, perennial herbaceous creeper belonging to the family Umbellifere (Apiceae). This plant is found in most tropical and subtropical countries. Growing in swampy areas, including parts of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and South Africa, Indonesia, South pacific and Eastern Europe. About 20 species related to CA grow in most parts of the tropic or wet pantropical areas such as rice paddies, and also in rocky, higher elevations. It is a tasteless, odourless plant that thrives in and around water.

Pennywort has small fan-shaped green leaves with white or light purple-to-pink or white flowers and it bears small oval fruit . The whole plant is used for medicinal purposes. It is widely used as a blood purifier as well as for treating high blood pressure, for memory enhancement and promoting longevity. In Ayurveda, CA is one of the main herbs for revitalizing the nerves and brain cells. Eastern healers r…

Simple Cancer Fighting Herbs - Tea Parasite

Tea Parasite Origin Tea parasite (Scurulla atropurpurea) is a parasitic shrub plant with so many branch. This parasitic plant is spreaded in the region of Indochina, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In Indonesia, Benalu can live in the low land to the mountainous highland. Tea parasite breed generatively using seeds.
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Tea parasite contains active compounds in the form of alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, and tannins which scattered in the leaves and stems. Traditionally, parasites are used to treat cancer. There are several studies that prove the empirical properties of tea parasites as anticancer. The parasitic extracts studied on cell proliferation activity and histopathologic changes in mucosal epithelium of induced formalin mice showed that tea parasite extract before and after induction of formalin had a significant effect on improving histopathologic score and proliferation activity of epithelial cells of nasop…

5 Great Bone Cancer Fighting Herbs

Bone cancer is a type of cancer that attacks bones. This cancer can attactking children or adults. Bone cancer is divided into 2 types, primary and secondary bone cancer. Primary bone cancer  occurs and develops directly in the bone. While secondary bone cancer comes from other body parts that spread to the bones. The entire bone in the body can be attacked by this disease, but more common in the bones of the legs and arms.

Not only taking a medical treatment, bone cancer patients are usually also offset by taking herbal remedies for bone cancer to get a higher change to healed. Some species of plants contain chemical compounds or substances that can weaken the cancer cells and increase body resistant. Here are 5 Great Bone Cancer Fighting Herbs that can be easily to get and can be consumed every day.
Rose periwinkle - Catharanthus roseus
Rose periwinkle or in Latin known as Catharanthus roseus has the benefits to cure and prevent bone cancer. Research showed that the leaves of Madaga…

Best 9 Fruit for Breastfeeding Mother

Breastfeeding mothers need good nutritional intake to maintain the quality of breast milk for the baby. One source of nutritious food is fruits. Fruit contain high of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and fiber that is important for the body. In addition, some fruits also contain folic acid. Therefore, it is important to eat fresh fruit during breastfeeding your baby. Here are some choices of fruit for breastfeeding mothers the best.
Choice of fruit for nursing mothers
1. Blueberry
Blueberries are one of the best fruits for breastfeeding mothers. Breastfeeding mothers are advised to consume two or more servings of this fruit or processed into juice.

Blueberries have a myriad of nutrients that can meet your nutritional needs. This fruit contains vitamin A, vitamin K, and minerals such as calcium and potassium. Blueberries also known as super foods, it contain healthy carbohydrates to keep your energy. In addition, blueberries have antioxidant properties that help you to avoid infect…

Traditional Herbs for Breastfeeding Mother

What Is A Good Herbal Medicine for Breastfeeding mother? Breast milk is one of the main sources nutritions for newborns up to 6 months of age. Breast milk is produced directly by the mother's breast glands for newborns to consume. In general, breast milk is one of the main sources of nutrition for infants who can not been able to digest various types of solid foods. Breastfeeding on the baby at the age of the first 2 years is very important because the first breast milk has a lot of good substances to grow the baby and also the baby's body defense against various diseases.
Research also proves that exclusive breastfeeding is best consumed by infants aged 0 to 6 months compared with formula milk consumption. Newborns are often experiencing problems with nutritional and nutritional needs, therefore, newborns may only consume mother's breast milk alone. Therefore, all the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed for growth of the baby depends only on the content of breast mil…