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5 Great Bone Cancer Fighting Herbs

Bone cancer is a type of cancer that attacks bones. This cancer can attactking children or adults. Bone cancer is divided into 2 types, primary and secondary bone cancer. Primary bone cancer  occurs and develops directly in the bone. While secondary bone cancer comes from other body parts that spread to the bones. The entire bone in the body can be attacked by this disease, but more common in the bones of the legs and arms.

Not only taking a medical treatment, bone cancer patients are usually also offset by taking herbal remedies for bone cancer to get a higher change to healed. Some species of plants contain chemical compounds or substances that can weaken the cancer cells and increase body resistant. Here are 5 Great Bone Cancer Fighting Herbs that can be easily to get and can be consumed every day.

Rose periwinkle - Catharanthus roseus

bone cancer fighting herbs

Rose periwinkle or in Latin known as Catharanthus roseus has the benefits to cure and prevent bone cancer. Research showed that the leaves of Madagascar periwinkle contain 2 organic chemical compounds of vinca alkaloids, vincristine and vinblastin. These compounds play an active role in inhibiting the development of cancer cells in the body. So it does not necessarily damage other normal cells that are around the growth of cancer cells.

To make a concoction of the Rose periwinkle is easy enough, provide 22 sheets of the plant leaves, pulasari bark (Alyxia stellata) and fennel fruit. Boil all ingredients together 3 cups water by adding brown sugar to neutralize the bitter flavor. Consume it routinely for a month as a treatment.
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Zedoari/White Turmeric - Curcuma zedoaria

bone cancer fighting herbs

White Curcuma (mango-colored curcuma) is used by herbalists as cancer and tumor treatment. This bone cancer drug plant, known to contain Ribosome Inacting Protein (RIP), antioxidants, and Anticurcumin.

To make the potion, way of 1 teaspoon of white turmeric added 100cc warm water. Apply this herb, then drink the water only. For treatment, it's good to consume as much as 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening). As for prevention, you can consume once a day before bed. Do it regularly for maximum results.
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Benalu - Scurulla atropurpurea

bone cancer fighting herbs

Benalu is often referred to as an unbeneficial crop. But in fact, Benalu has a very extraordinary properties. Organic chemical Compounds contained in benalu can inhibit malignant growth of cancer cells. To use it, boiling the benalu leaves into tea and consumed every day. This tea is very well used as a support drug during chemotherapy.
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Rodent tuber - Typhonium flagelliforme

Rodent tuber are efficacious to stop and treat cancer as a whole. How to use it, soak the plant (3 stalk and leaves, approximately 50gr), for 30 minutes. Smash it until smooth and then stem the. Filtering the extract and consume it on a daily basis.

Noni Fruit - Morinda citrifolia

bone cancer fighting herbs

So much research done to explore the benefits of noni fruit. Noni fruit flesh is known to contain dammacanthel or anti-cancer drugs. These compounds play an active role against abnormal cells when entering the pre-cancer stage. Not only that, dammacanthel also has efficacious to prevent the development of cancer cells.

How to make bone cancer fighting herbs from noni fruti? Squeez 2 or 3 Noni fruit, add a few drops of honey to add a sense of pleasure in it. Consume the extract regularly every day.
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