Simple Cancer Fighting Herbs - Tea Parasite

Tea Parasite Origin

Tea parasite (Scurulla atropurpurea) is a parasitic shrub plant with so many branch. This parasitic plant is spreaded in the region of Indochina, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In Indonesia, Benalu can live in the low land to the mountainous highland. Tea parasite breed generatively using seeds.
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cancer fighting herbs

Tea parasite contains active compounds in the form of alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, and tannins which scattered in the leaves and stems. Traditionally, parasites are used to treat cancer. There are several studies that prove the empirical properties of tea parasites as anticancer. The parasitic extracts studied on cell proliferation activity and histopathologic changes in mucosal epithelium of induced formalin mice showed that tea parasite extract before and after induction of formalin had a significant effect on improving histopathologic score and proliferation activity of epithelial cells of nasopharyngeal mucosa.
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The test results with cancer cells on starfruit plants showed that water extract of tea parasite on starfruit plants are able to inhibit breast cancer cells. In addition it is known that the extract of tea parasite has antioxidant properties. The water fraction and ethylacetate fraction of tea parasitic leaf that grow on stinky bean are able to dissolve calcium kidney stones in vitro. Using tea parasite with several other ingredients also efficacious in the treatment of cancer, tonsils, and measles.

How to make cancer fighting herbs with tea parasite?

To make anti-cancer herbs from tea parasites, provide as much as 5 grams of tea parasite leaves, 3 grams of tea leaves, 5 grams of white turmeric rhizome, and 600 mL of water. All the ingredients are dissolved in water to make an infused water, take it 3 times daily after meals.
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