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Traditional Medicine for Stiff Body

Heavy work can make our whole body feels achy, stiff and uncomfortable, even after traveling can be draining so that the body feels tired. Most people immediately take easy way by consuming drugs or energy drinks. But sometimes it does not remove the stiff and fatigue in the body. Since a long time, Our predecessor has used traditional medicine to treat body aches, stiff and tired. This herb is specially made from herbs from tropical area and easy to make by your own.

Doing new movement will affect the muscle, the muscle cells will be damaged, this condition is  called as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Sense). This problem is often happened to people who going to gym for the first time, because they will do new excercise for they muscle. Everyone can feel the same conditions, so no need to worry, this condition will not give you a negative impact on the body. Muscle damage is what causes aches and pains. But this is a new signal, that our muscles begin to adapt to the movement.

When will you feel aches and pains in your muscles?
It usually occurs after 6 to 8 hours after a new activity. Medically, muscle fibers break down, so the muscles begin to adapt and make them becoming bigger. The pain and soreness can last up to 5 to 7 days. Depending on the condition of health and nutrition that entering our body.

Traditional Medicine Pegal Body And Fatigue

How to deal with aches and pains due to rare muscle activities? There is a potion that is taught long ago to overcome the stiff body. The traditional medicinal ingredients body aches, fatigue and tired, has been believed to restore the body fitness since long time ago.
Here's how to make it:
  • Prepare 3 rhizome Zingiber americans Bt
  • Coupled with betel fruit, or can be replaced with 5 Java chili  (Piper retrofractum). Wash all herbs.
  • Add a little yeast, a little mineral water, then all the herbs are crushed to a pasta than add enough wine.
  • This herb is not to be consumed, but applied to the muscle that feels sore and tired.
The ingredients will only accelerate the loss of aches and pains. Usually the next day you will feel fresher, and the pain can be reduced. This herb can be used for athletes, but note the presence of skin reactions. Some people may be able to react, for example, skin allergies.

There is also a sore body and sometimes accompanied by pain due to Fibromyalgia disease. In this condition patients feel pain and stiff complaints on the muscles, tendons, and joints. Symptoms can be marked by the condition of the body that looks less rest, tired when getting up early. The whole body feels tired, feels anxiety and depression, and sometimes accompanied by indigestion. The above ingredient can not completely resolve Fibromyalgia, it only helps to eliminate it temporarily.


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