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Indian Camphorweed Benefits for Abnormal Vaginal discharge

Indian camphorweed (Pluchea indicais) is a species of flowering plant in the aster family, Asteraceae. Its common names include Indian fleabane and Indian pluchea. It is native to parts of Asia and Australia, and it is widespread in the Pacific Islands as an introduced and often invasive species. Beluntas leaves are usually used as vegetables and daily dishes by Indonesian people.
But actually, beluntas can be used as herbal medicine. Indonesian ancestor believe that leaves beluntas rich in benefits to overcome various health problems such as in overcoming abnormal vaginal discharge.
abnormal vaginal discharge
Indian camphorweed, herbal for Abnormal Vaginal discharge. Credit: Hungda

The benefits of leaves beluntas for Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge play an important function in the female reproductive system. Fluid made by glands inside the vagina and cervix carries away dead cells and bacteria, clean the organs of women and uterus from germs and bacteria and dirt present in it. But sometimes vaginal discharge comes in unusual intensity (too much fluid), unpleasant smells, or abnormal colors like greenery.

You need to pay attention for Abnormal Vaginal discharge  as signs of interference in your female organs. Abnormal vaginal discharge should not be ignored because in long term, it can cause other dangerous diseases such as cervical cancer, cysts and others. therefore abnormal vaginal discharge should be treated promptly and correctly.

For right treatment you can see a doctor to confirm the severity of your vaginal discharge and also take the medicine from the doctor in accordance with the dose and proper use. If necessary you can use traditional treatment from nature herbs for the treatment of abnormal vaginal discharge using beluntas leaves.

How to make a concoction from Indian camphorweed (id: beluntas) leaves to overcome abnormal vaginal discharge is very easy and simple and you can do it at home. The following is the steps.


  • 10 pieces of fresh beluntas leaves
  • Pulasari wood with a length of 5 to 6 cm only
  • One rhizome of Chinese keys
  • One turmeric rhizome is about the tip of a little finger
  • Ginger for one finger
These materials can be found easily in herbal stores or you can grow them yourself easily at home.

How to make

  1. First, wash all the ingredients
  2. Iris temu kunci, temulawak and also turmeric become thin
  3. Then when everything is ready, boil all the ingredients using 2 water bowls
  4. Boil the concoction until boiling and until the water shrinks until it becomes 1/3 cup only
  5. Lift, strain and chill
  6. Drink regularly for up to 10 days until the abnormal whitish symptoms you experience subside.
If you do not like the taste you can add Java sugar, honey and also leaves of lemongrass to add flavor and aroma to be more delicious.


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