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Burned Skin Treament with Aloe vera

It this very annoying when your smooth skin scalded by hot water or accidentally burned. That’s hurts, but other thant hurted, it will disturb your appearance. There are various solutions to treat scalded wounds from boiling water and sunburned skin. Traditionally, this method has been used old people, long before the skin ointment is mass produced.

Generally burned patients want a shortcut to treat burned skin, we usually applying a medical ointment. If you have stored the ointment, then there is no problem, what if it is not there at all? For that, here is why do we need to plant some herbaceous plants that will be useful in this sudden condition. No one wants hot water tragedy to burn their skin, but being careful and always providing herbs is very important. The practices described on this page will help you to care for cultivating herbs.

After all, people almost feel burns, although just a minor injuries such as exposed to liquid wax. Burns are a type of injury to the skin or other tissues. This injury could happening due to fire, coal, electricity, chemicals, and skin friction with other objects. Most people get burns because of hot liquids, hot metal, embers or directly in contact with fire. Women are at risk of burns due to the use of cooking utensils. While other have the risky because their activity that related to work environment, such as cutting and metal welding, and smoking.

There are four levels of burns to be recognized before you give instant medication, both medically and traditionally, include:

  • Sprinkled with boiling water, hot metal, and sunburn including superficial, first-degree burns. This symptom shows the skin surface looks red without blisters and pain, pain lasts about three days.
  • The wound extending to several layers of the skin is included in the second-degree burns. The symptoms show blistered skin and are often very painful, and can heal for up to eight weeks.
  • Third-degree burns are characterized by wounds that extend to the entire skin layer. Symptoms that occur in patients often do not feel pain and burning skin feels stiff. Treatment should also be noted and usually does not heal by itself.
  • Burns that cause injury to deeper tissues include fourth-degree burns. Not only the skin, it also causes muscle, tendon, or bone, get hurt. Symptoms show black skin and cause loss of burned body parts.

Third and fourth level burns, must go through special treatment and medical care. All burns can generally be prevented and treated, depending on the severity. This page will only describe how to treat scalded and first-degree boiling water wounds.

Treating Wound from Boiling Water

Aloe vera Linn (Aloe Vera Linn) is often used as an ornamental plant in many home, but its utilization is often not optimal. In its natural habitat, These plants can grow in hot temperatures. Leaf characteristics slightly pointed in the form of spurs, thick, gummy meat, jagged edges, and the surface is speckled.

The chemical properties and pharmacological effects make this plant taste bitter, soothing and cold. The meat can be used as an anti-inflammatory drug, laxative, overcome cardiac meridians, liver disease and pancreas. With its anti-inflamantory effect, Aloe vera can be used for skin treatment, including to treat burned skin.

To treat scalded wounds from boiling water and burning, the easiest way to use aloe vera plant. The trick as follows:

  • Take fresh Aloe vera, then washed clean.
  • Peel the skin, and take the inner meat.
  • In order to make it easier, puree aloe vera until it  become ointment.
  • Paste this herb on the skin affected by burns and hot water.

This Aloe vera potions can be used for adults and children. Almost no side effects are caused in the use of aloe vera herbs. Apply ointment done 3 times a day, do it until healed or for 3 weeks.


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