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9 Benefits of Kedawung Seeds

Benefits of Kedawung HErbal Plant

Kedawung (Parkia roxburghii G.Don) seeds are one of herbal food that have become the main ingredient in the making of jamu (Indonesian Herbal Drink). This seed has similar  from with pete, because kedawung has same genus as pete. Kedawung has black color with oval form and slightly flattened. Traditionally, this seed is processed with smoldering it and brewed as a herbal drink, we can and add other ingredients such as honey.

There are many benefits we can get from the seeds of kedawung. These herbs contain many healthy biochemical compounds that are good for body health. Not only have a healthy body, but also a body that has strong immunity. You can even treat a variety of serious diseases that appear in the body naturally so that the body is not affected by any side effects.

In order not to misunderstand the benefits and efficacy of kedawung seeds, here is some explanations about the benefits of kedaung seed for your health.

1. Cough treatment

Kedaung seed can be used as herbal treatment for cough with . This black seed will melt the sputum easily so that it can be removed with the aim of curing the symptoms of cough. You need to consume this seed until your cough is completely gone.

2. Abdominal pain treatment

Kedaung seeds is very powerful to treat abdominal pain and pain in the stomach. This seed is useful in relieving pain when your stomach is aching because of stomach ulcers caused by toxic food. This herbal is relatively save for gastric health.

3. Fever treatment

Kedaung can be used to overcome fever, especially for women who have fever during childbirth. These seeds will help the body to control its temperature so that the fever can be stopped.

4. Menstruation pain relieving

Kedaung seed can be used to relieve pain  during menstruation. The condition of each woman's menstruation varies, some feel pain and some other did not. For those of you who often feel sick during your period, try to cope with these black herbs.

 5. Intestine Inflammation treatment

Kedaung seeds can be used to treat inflammatory diseases, especially inflammation of the intestine. This disease most often attacks the intestines because the organ is composed by several muscles that work to process food.
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6. Overcoming cholera

Kedaung seeds also has benefits for skin, it can be used as an external medicine to cope with cholera. The compound contained in this seed is potent to help the health of the skin by encourage the body immunity. Your skin tissue will be healthier than ever before.

7. Healthy heart

Kedaung seeds can promote healthy heart, these seeds are proven effective in providing natural protection to your heart. Your heart will work better in your body as well as it can avoid the heart attack.

8. Overcome bacteria infection

This nutritious seed contains many powerful anti-bacterial that can kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. Your body will be strong enough to fight infectious diseases easily.

9. Good for digestive system

Kedaung seeds are also nutritious to make your digestion healthier. The efficacy is to digest the digestion and support the performance of your digestive organs.

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