Amazing Natural Oil From Tropical Rain Forest for Your Beautiful Skin

When visiting Borneo Tropical Rainforest, precisely in Kapuas Hulu District and Bengkayang Regency, West Kalimantan, we will easily find tengkawang fruit. Particularly around the headwaters of the Kapuas River. Tengkawang (Borneo Illipe Nut) is the mascot of West Kalimantan. This plant is belonging to the clan of Shorea, the Dipterocarpaceae Family. Some Dayak tribes in Kalimantan have different names for this tropical rainforest herbs, eg Engkabang (Dayak Iban), Angkabatan (Dayak Kanayatan), or Kawang and Kokawang (Dayak Kenyah).

Ecologically, tengkawang has a very important function in tropical rain forests of Kalimantan and Sumatra. In its habitat, Tengkawang can be a plant that supports the existence of other plants and fruits into various types of animal food. Hydrologically, tengkawang becomes one of the run-off controlling element in the forest area as an erosion barrier, since generally tengkawang grows on the banks of the river to facilitate its spread.
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For a long time, Dayak people living in Kalimantan have long used tengkawang oil for their daily needs, for example for cooking, as food seasonings and for medicinal ingredients, or for lighting information. Oil or tengkawang fat is obtained from the extraction of tengkawang fruit seeds. The Dayak Iban community in the heart of Borneo Island in the past processed tengkawang seed by steaming, then pressing it with traditional pressure. Then accommodate the oil that comes out in the bamboo. At room temperature, tengkawang oil becomes a green yellowish solid, therefore tengkawang oil is also often referred to as green butter.

Generally, local people get oil extraction from tengkawang fruit by lowering the water content in the fruit seed by way of ignition (fogging), burying or drying. Currently, the most commonly used method for lowering the water content of tengkawang seed is by neglect and drying. After the water content drops, the tengkawang seed is then steamed and then pressed to separate the oil from the seed pulp. There are also people who boil directly tengkawang fruit before being pressed.

International markets recognize tengkawang oil asGreen Butter. Green butter can be classified as organic food because it is produced from the seeds of tengkawang fruit that grows naturally in the tropical rainforest of Borneo and Sumatera without human intervention. The status as an organic product becoming an added value for this product. Not only natural and environmentally friendly, green butter is also relatively safe for consumption as a food and herbal, or to mixture in cosmetics and medicine.
Green Butter has a tremendous moisturizing properties and is able to restore skin elasticity, improve skin pH and as a protective, sedative, and highly effective as skin anti wrinkle.
In the beauty industry, green butter is mainly used in skin care. The use of green butter in beauty and skin care because it has a tremendous moisturizing properties and is able to restore skin elasticity, improve skin pH and as a protective, sedative, and highly effective as skin anti wrinkle. High concentrations of fatty acids, especially EFA (essential fatty acids) make tengkawang fat able to keep skin cells healthy, and ensure our skin has a healthy membrane to avoid skin aging and other serious skin problems. When there is a deficiency of essential fatty acids, the membrane loses the ability to retain skin moisture, causing the skin to become sagging and aging.
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More over, Borneeo Illipe Nut is also used as a body care, hair and skin, in form of a sun protection cream, soap, lipstick, lip balm, make-up base, and hair conditioner.
Green Butter is useful for:
  • moistening dry lips, 
  • reducing wrinkles and delaying aging, 
  • reducing scars and stretch marks, 
  • overcoming sunburned and exposed skin, 
  • helping to repair damaged skin and rough skin (as in the feet), 
  • treating ulcer wounds in the mouth, 
  • repairing dry hair which is often exposed to chemicals due to permed, painted or straightened.
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In food industry, tengkawang oil can be used as a substitute for butter and chocolate oil in candy making or various cakes, edible oils, margarine, lubricants, and so on. Tengkawang oil can also be used to increase the chocolate melting point in the chocolate industry.