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7 Traditional Diabetes Medicine Herbs Recipes

For those of you who suffered diabetes diagnosis, You often have to be stuck in a condition to continue consuming medical remedies, most likely to your whole life. The high dependence of diabetes drugs could actually be's choice, because after all there are of course the side effect that you will face.

For that we try to give you some recipes of herbal diabetes medicine. By adding some of this herbs in the diet treatment, it will help you hit the number of daily doses of medical drugs you should take per day. Which means it will also suppress the side effects that could threaten Your body condition.

A journal which published by the University of Michigan in 2006, revealed the existence of complaints regard the decline in kidney function in diabetics. The high levels of glucose in the blood often become a burden for the kidneys as part of the fluid management system in the body.
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Meanwhile, with the high intake of specific drugs of diabetes, the kidneys will work harder to suppress the effect of residues from the drug. This then leads to the large cases number kidney function decreses on diabetics.

Handling of Diabetes with traditional medicine
Diabetes traditional medicine could be one solution for those who must live with diabetes drug in lifetime medical. This treatment will help cope with the levels of sugar in the blood, even some traditional recipes has the unique ability that overcome diabetes get to the root of the problem.

With the help of traditional herbs, patients can reduce the dosage of medical medicine as an alternative solutions to cope with diabetes. So, here is some herbal medicine recipes you can make as an alternative of medical medicine.

Sambiloto Leaf 

Sambiloto Leaf  has distinctive bitter taste, it comes from the unique compounds called andrographolide. These compounds work to neutralize the sugar levels in the blood. Working with alkaloids and flavonoids, andrographolide help maximize body absorption against an excess of sugar in the blood and increase metabolism.
To Consume sambiloto leaf as a traditional medicine for diabetes, simply boil 7 leaves with the remaining 3 cups water to 2 cups. You can add other herbs like cat's whiskers and Caulis.
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The Red Betel Leaves

The Red betel leaves have a red hue that is powerful and can be a sign of the existence of a wealth of flavonoids in it. Flavonoids are known very effectively help improve the work of the pancreas and help neutralize the sugar levels in the blood by increasing the metabolism which will obviously increase the combustion of glucose in the body.
The Red betel leaves also contain alkaloids, tannins, saponins and karvatrol which both help improve the absorption cells against glucose and neutralize the excess sugar in the blood.
How to use it: Boiling 5 pieces of red betel leaf medium size with 3 cups of water until 1.5 glasses still remain. Drink 3 times a day for 4 days to get optimum results.
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Bitter Melon

Not only because the fruit is considered as vegetable, this bitter taste fruit can be used as antidote to diabetes. Pare contained a good sulfonylurea that can help insulin in the blood sugar to exerting heading cells. The facts about diabetes medications with pare was already revealed in the Asia Pacific Journal of Nutrition.
How to use it: Just simply blend this fruit and drink it, or add it in everyday meals are also quite effective at lowering blood sugar levels.
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In Tropical country, turmeric is a very common cook seasoning, this one is indeed known to has a large number of curcuminoid. Pharmacy department of Gadjah Mada University researcher found that there is a kind of unique compounds in turmeruc that can help the performance of insulin, it known as sesquiterpen. Other unique content such as turminoid are also proven to help widen the pores of the cell and helps to improve the cell's absorption in response to glucose.
How to use it: Add  2 glasses boiled water to 4 sections of fresh turmeric, drink it as every day to lower blood sugar effectively.

Caulis Leaves

In the world of herbal, this leaves is known as one of the most bitter herbal drink. Commonly,  people boiled water with it until the stew is black. The bitterness of this leaf has make people to assumes the bitterness was the causes why Caulis can lowers blood sugar.
Indeed, the bitter taste of caulis leaf comes from pikroretin compounds that were able to push the function of insulin in the body. Caulis leaf also contain tinokrisposid which proved to help increase metabolism and encourage the absorption of glucose in blood.

Soursop Leaf

Soursop leaves known as acetogenik content that helps improve absorption cells of the body against blood glucose. Higenamine in soursop leaves is also known for helping to improve the function of the pancreas and reticuline help reactivate the function of insulin in the body.
How to use it: Add boiled water as much as 3 cups into 7 sheets soursop leaves. Boiled in low heat until the remaining ½ sections and drink it with three times a day. Do it as a rutine for 3 – 10 days for effective results as diabetes medicine.
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Crown of Gods Fruit

Crowns of gods contain a huge amounts of saponins which are known great helper to lower glucose in the blood. Flavonoids in it would either increase the absorption of the body against the excess blood glucose and improve combustion. Usually for consuming crown of gods as diabetes traditional herb medicine  is simply boil a handful of crown of gods with water as much as 3 cups water until it remaining 1.5 glasses. Drink it 3 times each day.
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