Natural Ways To Get Slim Body

Weight loss, sound very hard for some people.  Sometimes it can make frustation, some case that frustation just make the condition getting worst.  There is many way to lose our weight, one of them is medication, but sometimes medicine have bad side effects.  To avoid bad effects of medicine, we can use herbal medicine.  Herbal medicine is natural, and less bad effect because of it natural trait. 
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The following herbal medicine is some options to get your slim body in natural way.

Noni (Morinda citrifolia )

Noni fruit can reduce excessive fat in our body. Noni or Mengkudu contain asetil ester, kapron, dan soranidiol.  You can make juices from Noni fruit to consume it.
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Guazuma ulmifolia

Guazuma ulmifolia known as  traditional herbal medicine to lose peoples weight. Take the leaf and make tea from it, drink it to get your slim body.
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Bengle (Zingiber cassumunar)

Bengle’s stolon contain organic acid yang berkhasiat mengurangi lemak dalam tubuh. Boil the stolon with two glass of water until the water become one glass, let it cooling and drink the water a glass a day.

Pineapple (Ananas comosus)

Pineapple knowing as C vitamin source, we can also use it as herbal medicine to get slim body.  Pineapple containing protein, organic acid,and dektrosa which can help us to reduce fat, if we drink it continuosly. Smoothing the pineapple and drink the water one glass a day.  But remember, to much pineapple can damage your kidneys, because pineapple contain Calsium oksalat.
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White Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

Peoples believed that this fruit can slimming the body.

Kaempferia angustifolia

In addition to subtracting fat, Kaempferia angustifolia also serves to reduce weight. Kaempferia angustifolia has the effect of reducing appetite. However, pretty good when mixed in food daily.

Areca Nut (Areca catechu)

To lose weight, sliced ​​areca nuts and dry in the sun until dry. Mashed into powder. Soaked a half of teaspoon of powder  in hot water overnight and drink on the next day and evening with the waste. Drink it for about two weeks.

Orange Jasmine (Murraya paniculata)

orang Jasmine leaf have efficacious to maintain cells to uninterrupted by fat. Take one handful of orange jamine leaves, plus a handheld leaf temugiring noni half of your little finger, mashed finely and add one cup of cooking water, wring it out and filtered, drink it in the morning before breakfast.
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Carrot (Daucus carota)

Carrot and cucumber can also help us to lose weight. Take two or three sticks of carrots and one medium-sized shredded cucumber. The water is squeezed. To enrich the flavor you can spiked with lime juice. This juice can be drunk at least once every day until you have the appropriate weight.