Stop Bleeding with Cordyline fruticosa

Efficacy of Cordyline fruticosa For health:

Cordyline fruticosa (Indo: Hanjuang) has sweet taste, flavor, and  cool. Hanjuang can be efficacious as blood conditioner, stop the bleeding (hemostatic), and destroy the frozen when skin was bruising.

Chemical Compound of Cordyline fruticosa :

Carriage leaves contain saponins, tannins, flavonoids, polyphenols, steroida, polysaccharides, calcium oxalate, and iron.
Plant parts used:
Leaves, flowers, and roots can also be efficacious for the drug. Simplicia can Use fresh or dried.
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The leaves are used for the treatment of carriage:
Pulmonary tuberculosis accompanied by coughing up blood
Exit spotting during pregnancy (possible miscarriage), menstrual blood comes out very much, bloody urine (hematuria), bleeding hemorrhoids, and bleeding wounds.
Diarrhea, dysentery
Stomach pain and heartburn.

How to use:

For drugs taken, boil hanjuang leaves (15-30 gram), dried flowers (9-15 gram), or roots (6-10 gram). For wounds treatment, wash a fresh leaves a horse cart to taste, then cut into pieces and added approximately 1 g of salt. Milled until smooth and blended, then put on the wound and bandaged immediately.
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