8 Morning Rituals For The Healthy Life

Mornings is the best time for clear and focused results-driven work. Different people work best at different times, but no matter when you’re productive hours are, it’s important you set up your day for greater wellbeing with some healthy morning rituals. Here are eight ideas:

  1. Wake up as Earlier as You can.
Don’t hit snooze. Jump out of bed as if someone threw a bucket of cold water on you. Half of your day’s success is actually showing up and being excited. Rest time is over, get out of bed now.

  1. Drink a pint of water first thing in the morning.
Just pure water, it can clean up your stomach and help you to avoid many disease. If you don’t like water on its own, squeeze some fresh lime into it. Water is great for you – you know that, mom said that and now we’ve got to do it!

  1. Make yourself a blend of fruits that excite you.
I love a carrot-apple-ginger juice and drink it in the morning before eating and wait at least an hour or so before I eat.

  1. Go out and take in the sunlight.
Wake up before you see the sun. Its energy, invigoration and excitement is absolutely amazing. Get up and spend a minute outside looking up in the sky taking in the morning light. Wrap up warm if it’s cold, but make sure you do it.

  1. Spend time in silence.
Be grateful for what you have. Mentally or on paper, plan the day out. If you don’t do the previous night, write out your to-do list of the most exciting and important things.

  1. Brush your tongue.
Lose the morning breath and start off on a minty note.

  1. Go for a walk.
Or hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes. People who walk in the morning have more energy than those who walk at night after a long day. Use the work to appreciate your surroundings and plan your day. In silence if possible.

  1. Drink green tea.
Instead of coffee, have a cup of green tea. Tea was rich with anti-oksidan, it can protect you from cancer.  Boosts your energy, provides antioxidants and has been promoted as a great natural healthy option.